Go Pray is an app that encourages users to pray for their neighbors and people that see the world differently from themselves.  You can go somewhere, pray, and geo-tag your prayer and see where and what others have prayed for.

How Does It Work?

Download the App

Easy!  Grab the free app!

Go Somewhere and Pray

Go to a park, or a public place in your city to lift it up in prayer.  Or..even stay at home.  

Tag Your Prayer

When you're done praying, check-in where you are and tell us what you prayed for.  We want to see the nation covered in prayers!

Cover Parties, Protesters, and Politicians in Prayer

No matter what political party or ideology you identify with we can all use prayer.

Stephen OLeary
Founder and Lead Developer

Stephen is the Founder and Lead Developer of Trijazel Business Solutions.  After seeing the unrest of 2020 including the lockdowns and the hurt and frustrations leading to protests and counter protests, he built Go Pray to encourage people to pray for the neighbors regardless of political leanings.  


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